Maximum Maschine Offer

Posted on Fri 28 April 2017 in entries

Maximum Maschine
Between April 28^th^ and June 5^th^ 2017 you can get seven free Maschine Expansions, worth over £300, when you buy any Maschine Jam, Maschine Mikro, Maschine MK2 or Maschine Studio.

The Native Instruments Maschine series has become massively popular as more people are discovering how much easier the Maschine products make music production. Whether you are going for the Maschine Mikro MK2 Groove Production Studio or the full-size Maschine Studio, you will be able to create tight rhythms, harmonies and melodies in moments. Between April ^28th^ and June ^5th^ if you buy any of the Maschine products you will get not just one or two expansions but seven! That's right, you can get all of these Maschine Expansions for FREE:

  • Queensbridge Story (Hip Hop)
  • Molten Veil (Tech House)
  • Motor Impact (Techno)
  • Prismatic Bliss (Ambient Electronica)
  • Sierra Grove (Modern Soul)
  • Lilac Glare (R'n'B)
  • Solar Breeze (Indie Electronica)

MASCHINE Expansions are genre-specific, production-ready sound packs delivering an ever-growing range of tailored contemporary sounds. All of these drum and synth expansion packs will be delivered as a download after registration of your new Maschine hardware.

Maschine Expansions