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It doesn’t seem like that long ago that vinyl was your only option if you wanted to mix properly! In fact, that’s because it wasn’t that long ago! The last few years have seen huge technological changes in the DJing world, moving from vinyls to CDs, to mixing on laptops, USB sticks and with time-coded discs! The options for an up and coming DJ today are immense and the latest way of working, as you have probably guessed, incorporates your iOS device

iOS DJ Products

• Numark iDJ Pro

The Numark iDJ Pro is laid out just like a standard DJ controller… almost! It features two touch-sensitive jog wheels along with cue, loop, pitch, EQ, volume and effects controls, as well as a cross fader, but in the centre where you would normally find your upfaders, you simply have a space for docking an iPad.

To use the iDJ Pro, simply slot in your iPad, load up Algoriddim’s ‘djay’ app and you are ready to start mixing! In combination with the hardware controls, you can use the iPad's touchscreen to shape your mixes by loading and editing effects, selecting songs and even recording your mixes.

However, arguably the best feature of the iDJ Pro is that because the iPad wirelessly connects to the internet, if you receive a request in the middle of a set for a song that you don’t have, or have the sudden urge to play something that isn’t in your library, simply log onto the iTunes store, download it and within seconds you can be using the iDJ Pro to play it!

The iDJ Pro is designed for the DJ that wants to incorporate the flexibility of an iPad into their set-up and also wants the freedom to perform advanced DJing techniques such as scratching, looping, adding effects and using multiple cue points.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Numark iDJ Pro"]Numark iDJ Pro]([/caption]

For more information on the Numark iDJ Pro, click the link below:

Numark iDJ Pro - More Info/Buy

• IK Multimedia iRig Mix

The iRig Mix is the first mobile mixer for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Its compact design features a crossfader, two upfaders with level meters, cue buttons, 2-band EQ, channel Gain dials and a master output control.

The iRig Mix can either be used with DJ apps on a single iOS device, or can be used with two iOS devices, allowing you to perform with a more traditional setup by using one iOS device for each turntable. Plus, you can even use the iRig Mix to mix music from an iOS device with music from any other audio device, e.g. CD and MP3 players. This is a completely unique feature and is accomplished using the X-Sync automatic tempo-matching feature, which can be activated using a switch on the iRig Mix itself. There is even an input that allows you to hook up a microphone or guitar, allowing you to route audio into your iOS device through the iRig Mix, for processing or recording with your favourite apps. You can even use it as your main PA mixer!

[caption id="attachment_2845" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="iRig Mix with iPhone and iPad"]iRig Mix with iPhone and iPad]([/caption]

For more information on the iRig Mix, click the link below:

iRig Mix - More Info/Buy

• Numark iDJ Live

The Numark iDJ Live is a portable DJ controller for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Although it is mainly aimed at the entry-level DJ market due to its cost and limited number of controls, it can still be used to perform all your basic mix functions and even allows for scratching with its jog wheels. This makes the iDJ Live an ideal product for hobbyist DJs, who just want to put on a good party and play some good music, but aren’t fussed about getting too technical.

Also, just like the iDJ Pro, because iOS devices have wireless capabilities, you can download new songs on-the-fly, meaning that you’ll never find yourself wishing that you had a certain song in your library!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Numark iDJ Live"]Numark iDJ Live]([/caption]

For more information on the Numark iDJ Live, click the link below:

Numark iDJ Live - More Info/Buy

• Numark iDJ3

The Numark iDJ3 is a controller for your Mac, PC, iPhone or iPod Touch. With its large jog wheels, pitch faders, 3-band EQ, Loop and Cue controls, crossfader and mixer, the iDJ3 is an ideal portable controller for users of DJ software such as Traktor or the included Virtual DJ LE. However, the iDJ3 also features an iPhone/iPod dock, allowing you to select tracks to mix directly from your iOS device, or record your mix straight to your iPhone/iPod.

Although the Numark iDJ3 is mainly a product for the beginner and hobbyist DJ, it does allow the user to perform a number of more advanced tricks such as scratching, looping and EQing.

[caption id="attachment_2846" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Numark iDJ3 with iPhone"]Numark iDJ3 with iPhone]([/caption]

For more information on the Numark iDJ3, click the link below:

Numark iDJ3 - More Info/Buy

iOS DJ Apps

Although there are loads of great DJ apps out there, I’ve selected my top five that I think you should check out for yourself!

1. Algoriddim djay

Algoriddim’s djay is a comprensive DJ performance app, available for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. The app allows you to mix two tracks together using touchscreen virtual decks, EQ and a crossfader and it features a selection of built-in effects including Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, High and Low Pass Filters, and more! The djay app also sports a Record function for capturing your mixes and it also features a 2D FX pad for creatively morphing effects together.

Aside from being a lot of fun to play with, the djay app is actually packed with a number of professional features that make it capable of pulling off some very slick mixes indeed! It has some excellent sounding effects, a reliable auto-mix function and a fun scratching capability!

Although the iPod and iPad versions are pretty much the same feature-wise, the larger touchscreen of the iPad make this app a lot more easy to play with, which helps add to the fun of it all, especially if you aren’t using it in combination with a hardware controller, such as the iDJ Pro.

In addition to the standard version of the djay app, there are also two more special versions for your iPhone/iPod Touch. The first is a David Guetta Edition, featuring a selection of his tracks, as well as a live sampler with some synth and drum samples.

The second is a Remote Edition, which must be used in combination with the ‘djay for Mac’ computer program. The Remote app gives you wireless control of the Mac software, allowing you to mix on your computer and access your entire iTunes library from anywhere in the room – perfect for parties!

[caption id="attachment_2847" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Algoriddim djay App"]Algoriddim djay App]([/caption]

For more information on Algoriddim's djay apps, click the relevant link below:

djay (for iPhone/iPod Touch) - More Info/Download

djay (for iPad) - More Info/Download

djay: David Guetta Edition for (iPhone/iPod Touch) - More Info/Download

djay Remote (for iPhone/iPod Touch) - More Info/Download

2. Korg iKaossilator

The original Kaossilator gave DJs and musicians a unique way to create loops and effects with an innovative X-Y touchscreen design. The iKaossilator puts the power of the Kaossilator in your iOS Device, allowing you to control loops in real-time for DJ-style performances using the app's five-part sequencer.

Choose the loops that you want to include in your performance, choose when to trigger them and then use the touchscreen of your iOS device to warp them in unique and creative ways. You can even use the tempo feature to mix them in with existing DJ setups to add an extra creative twist to your performances.

[caption id="attachment_2848" align="aligncenter" width="314" caption="iKaossilator App"]iKaossilator App]([/caption]

For more information on the iKaossilator app, click the relevant link below:

iKaossilator (for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) - More Info/Download

3. Cue Play DJ

This is one highly advanced iPhone/iPod Touch app, packed with professional features. Cue Play DJ provides you with a cool little interface that shows the waveforms of your loaded songs, as well as featuring a selection of controls including automatic sync activation, a crossfader, track level controls, +/-10% pitch controls, 3-band EQ, kill switches, quantized loops, a selection of FX and so much more! To compensate for the small screen of your iOS device, you can switch to a number of different views to get more precise control over various aspects of your mix. You can even stream your mix wirelessly to your computer for recording or performing.

This is an absolutely brilliant product for any DJing addict, anyone wanting to learn the basics of DJing, or any pro DJ that wants to test out some mixes on-the-go. You can even download the Lite version for free if you want to test it out for yourself, which has all the basic features of the full version, but misses out some of the more advanced parameters that can be used to take your mixes to the next level.

[caption id="attachment_2849" align="aligncenter" width="318" caption="Cue Play DJ App"]Cue Play DJ]([/caption]

For more information on the Cue Play DJ app, click the relevant link below:

Cue Play DJ (for iPhone/iPod Touch) - More Info/Download

Cue Play DJ Lite (for iPhone/iPod Touch) - More Info/Download


4. VirtualDJ Remote

This iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app allows you to mix with VirtualDJ from your iOS device, meaning that you don’t always have to be stood directly behind the decks to rock a party. You could even use your iOS device as a single scratch turntable if turntabalism is your thing!

VirtualDJ Remote works wirelessly with VirtualDJ software running on your Mac or PC, which can be downloaded for free from From your iOS device you can then search for and load songs from your library, automatically sync songs, adjust controls on the decks, adjust mix faders, create and trigger samples and much more!

This app has had a few bugs in the past but it is now much improved, although the iPad version is generally a lot more useful than the iPhone/iPod Touch version, mainly due to its larger screen.

[caption id="attachment_2850" align="aligncenter" width="316" caption="VirtualDJ Remote App"]VirtualDJ Remote App]([/caption]

For more information on the VirtualDJ Remote app, click the relevant link below:

Virtual DJ Remote (for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) - More Info/Download

5. DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk

This one isn’t exactly going to do much for a mix when you’re behind the decks, but it’s a great way to waste a bit of time as your traveling between gigs – as long as you’re not driving that is!

Help DJ Pauly D run along the boardwalk as far as you can, whilst making sure that he keeps up his pretty-boy DJ reputation! Dodge mean looking characters whilst picking up DJ equipment, 'blinging' jewellery, hitting the gym and tanning salons and bumping into a few hot chicks along the way, all of which will help raise your score! Just watch out for the boss at the end of each level!

Granted, the graphics are very out-dated, but the game itself is highly addictive and well worth the small change!

[caption id="attachment_2851" align="aligncenter" width="477" caption="DJ Pauly D - Beat The Boardwalk App"]DJ Pauly D - Beat The Boardwalk App]([/caption]

For more information on the Pauly D - Beat The Boardwalk app, click the relevant link below:

Pauly D - Beat the Boardwalk (for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) - More Info/Buy

Also, as specified in the comment below, DJ Rig is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, so here is the direct iTunes link for it:

DJ Rig (for iPhone/iPod Touch) - More Info/Buy