EHX Expression Pedal Announced

Posted on Thu 13 July 2017 in entries

Electro Harmonix just announced their first expression pedal. It's a little surprising that it's taken this long but it looks as though it's worth the wait.

For such a prolific pedal maker to take so long to bring out an expression pedal is a bit of an odd one, but EHX Electro Harmonix have done it, their Expression is here. Promising to be both versatile and affordable, the EHX Expression pedal can control expression parameters on a wide array of products from various manufacturers as long as the product includes an expression jack. The TRS polarity switch provides the ability to change the connections to the TRS jack while a Reverse button and a Range knob allow the musician dial in the perfect expression sweep for their application.

As you'd expect, the range knob adjusts the minimum setting of the expression pedal. As you turn RANGE towards 0, the minimum sweep setting moves towards the fixed maximum setting. For the full range, set this knob to 10. The TRS +/- Button reverses the polarity of the TRS jack for expanded compatibility with other devices. In the OUT position: the internal potentiometer’s wiper is connected to the Tip of the TRS cable and the potentiometer’s maximum setting is connected to the Ring. Press in the TRS +/- button to connect the wiper to the Ring of the TRS cable and the potentiometer’s maximum setting to the Tip. The Sleeve of the TRS cable is always connected to the potentiometer’s minimum position. For EHX pedals, set this button to the OUT position. If you find the EHX Expression does not achieve a smooth sweep over the full range of the foot pedal, try changing the TRS +/- setting.

  • Single-output design
  • The pedal’s sweep can be fine-tuned with the range knob while sweep direction can be flipped with the reverse button
  • Polarity switch for maximum compatibility with a wide range of gear
  • Advanced polymer construction yields a roadworthy pedal with a significant weight savings
  • Six foot TRS cable included
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  • 8 Step Program > Rate, Depth, Glide, Seq Length
  • Blurst > Range, Rate, Filter
  • Cock Fight > Filter
  • Crash Pad > Filter
  • Deluxe Big Muff Pi > Mids Filter
  • Deluxe Memory Boy > Rate, Depth, F.Back, Delay
  • Deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT & 550-TT > Blend, Rate, Depth, F.Back, Delay
  • Enigma > Filter
  • Good Vibes > Speed, Intensity
  • HOG2 > Oct Bend, Step Bend, Volume, Freeze + Gliss, Freeze + Vol, Wah, Filter
  • Holy Stain > Pitch Bend, Reverb Time, Trem Rate
  • Lester G > Speed
  • Memory Boy > Delay Time, Modulation Rate
  • Pitch Fork > Pitch, Rise/Fall Rate
  • Ravish > Pitch Bend, Symph String Level
  • Riddle > Filter
  • Ring Thing > Carrier/Modulation Freq, Pitch Shift
  • Stereo Talking Machine > Filter
  • Super Pulsar > Rate, Depth, Shape, Phase, Vol
  • Worm > Sweep