BCC Tony Iommi TI-BOOST Pedal

Posted on Mon 14 August 2017 in entries

Tony Iommi Boost Pedal

Black Country Customs, a division of Laney, just announced their most recent collaboration, a boost pedal that is based on the signature sound of Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi.

The guitar sound of the first Black Sabbath Album is actually the result of a number of key components, Tony himself not withstanding, but it is also the sound of the LA100BL plus a Dallas Arbiter Range master pedal that Tony used at the time, allowing him to push the front end of the amp into overdrive giving him his signature distorted tone never before heard.

There is a story relating to Tony and his “Range Master”.

In the days immediately before Sabbath, Tony was playing with a band located in Cumbria and a guitar player in a local band said that he could modify Tony’s Range Master and that it would sound better. So Tony agreed and had his pedal modified. Tony never knew what the modification was but it sounded really good and gave his LA100BL the gain he was looking for.

BCC TI-boost

The modified Range master was used for recording and touring up until 1979. When, for some reason unknown to everyone apart from Tony’s amp tech at the time – it got thrown away! Since that day Tony has had a sound in his head, a sound that first inspired him to play some of the most recognisable riffs in music, a sound which he thought he’s never get back...Until now that is!

When Black Country Customs began to discuss the possibility of building a replica of Tony’s original 1969 LA100BL they realised quite quickly that they’d need something to push the front end of the amp harder. So in conjunction with the design work on the NEW LA100BL Black Country Customs also started working on a boost pedal for Tony to use in the same way he used his Range master.

The result – the Black Country Customs TI-BOOST Pedal.

Black Country Customs Tony Iommi Pedal

The pedal functions in the same way as his legendary modified Range master – with a significant bass cut and mid boost, but we’ve included a little more gain and EQ options to make it more appealing to more players looking to find their own sounds.

The BCC Tony Iommi TI-BOOST is a simple pedal – it has a Drive and a Volume control, along with the ability to dial in the Low and Hi frequencies as well as a mid switch that gives you a couple of different Mid frequency options.

This incredible pedal is available to buy online and try in-store at our superstore near Poole and Bournemouth in Dorset. Get your BCC Tony Iommi TI-BOOST Pedal today!

  • Controls: Drive, Volume, Low EQ, High EQ, Hi Mid, Neutral Low Mid Boost Toggle Switch
  • Power: Battery or PSU
  • Buffered Output
  • High Quality Switch Components