Posted on Tue 18 July 2017 in entries

audient tutorial hub

Audient has gathered together videos, professional tutorials and user tips onto one easy-access platform to create a free learning centre for all visitors to their website.

To complement the recent unveiling of ARC Creative Hub, which gives new and existing customers access to a comprehensive range of free software, the Tutorial Hub contains general advice on recording, mixing, mastering and technology in different music genres, and helpful tips for users of specific Audient products.

Tutorial Hub is a great place to learn about all things audio, from learning how to record different instruments, to gaining exclusive tips from professionals in the industry (contributors so far include Cenzo Townshend, Ulrich Wild, Ash Soan, Oz Craggs, Russ Russell). With a regularly updated collection of articles, videos, and tips from the pros, spanning a wide range of topics, there will be something for everyone on Tutorial Hub.

To visit the Audient Tutorial Hub and get started, click here.