Sennheiser XSW1 Wireless Microphones - The perfect first wireless mic?

Posted on Wed 08 February 2017 in entries


When you ask a professional musician to name a brand of wireless microphone, chances are most of them will say Sennheiser. With this in mind, the announcement of their new line of affordable wireless microphones needs very little in the way of an introduction.

The newly announced Sennheiser XS WIRELESS 1 has been designed for first-time and casual wireless users who appreciate simplicity, fast set-up, and no complications. With intuitive icon-based controls and one-touch synchronisation. Because it is made by Sennheiser you know that the microphone will be sturdy enough to copy with plenty of performances and sound as professional as you would expect from one of the most reputable microphone manufacturers on the market.

The XSW1 vocal set comes in two slight variations; e825 dynamic cardioid microphone and the e835 superior dynamic cardioid microphone. Both of the mics in this range are dynamic cardioid type and have a battery life of approx. 10 hours from 2 AA batteries. The difference between the two is that the 825 microphone has a frequency response of 80-14,000 Hz whereas the 835 model has a frequency response range of 80-16,000 Hz.

Sennheiser XSW 1 Receiver

The real cherry on the Sennheiser XSW1 wireless range is the ease of setup and use with one touch synchronisation, universally available batteries and a reputation for reliability .

Also available in the XSW1 range are various other wireless microphones with the same easy-to-use system. Alongside the 825 and 835 are the XSW1-Cl1 instrument set (for guitar and bass), XSW1-908 for brass, XSW1-ME3 head mic set and XSW1-ME2 lavalier set. All of these models are now available to order from us and prices start at £209 for the XSW1-825 wireless mic and receiver package.