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All I can say is 'WOW'! I'm proud to introduce to you a truly exciting product, in the form of Amplitube 2 for iPhone and iPod...

If you've ever used Amplitube before, you will know what a fantastic piece of modelling software it is. And now, it's available in an improved package, to carry around in the portable form of your iPhone (or iPod), in one of the most powerful music creation applications on the market. Exceptionally realistic tones and effects, full multi-track recording capabilities, and advanced practice tools... It's all included in this one exceptional application from the leaders in analog guitar modelling software for professional recording studios. Simply plug in your iRig interface adapter along with your instrument, and you are ready to play, practice, and record wherever you are in the world.


Amplitube 2 offers musicians an entire virtual guitar/bass rig, allowing you to select and assemble up to 3 stomp box effects in combination with an amp head (including effects) plus cabinet, and a microphone. And the range of available options really is impressive considering this is an iPhone application! Pick from 16 stompbox effects (delay, fuzz, overdrive, wah, envelope filter, chorus, flanger, phaser, octave, distortion, noise filter, compressor, reverb, parametric EQ, graphic EQ, limiter), 5 amps with full controls (clean, crunch, lead, metal, bass), 5 speaker cabinets, and 2 microphones (dynamic and condenser). What's more, the sound of the gear has been revamped and improved from the previous version, now utilising DSP technology inspired by the renowned Amplitube 3 software for Mac and PC.

With all these selection options available, Amplitube 2 provides 36 'full rig' tone preset slots, allowing you to save, name and recall a whole host of your favourite sounds on the fly. And for added creativity, rigs can also be used to shape a variety of other instruments, such as keyboards, synths, drums, and vocals! If you get your creative juices flowing, the possibilities are virtually endless!


Another fantastic feature of Amplitube is the recorder that has been introduced into the application, giving the ability to quickly capture ideas, then mix, re-amp, and export them in WAV or MP3 format.

The re-amping feature is particularly handy, allowing you to alter the sound and tone of a previous recording by manipulating the rig. Play about as much as you desire until your perfect sound is found! No need to re-record anything!

For more serious projects, the application can be expanded into a professional multi-track studio, by adding the four-track recorder plus master effects section (with reverb, EQ, and compressor). The application therefore offers a familiar way of recording an entire band, or producing a full song! And remember, this is still all contained within the miniature frame of your iPhone!

Each track in the Amplitube recorder features a volume control, a pan control, plus individual controls for applying and sending effects. In addition, the ability to import audio directly onto any track is also available!

The Amplitube also offers a handy 'Bounce' feature, which can be used to bounce all tracks down into a single track, in the form of a final mix, or alternatively, to free up track space for additional material, for virtually unlimited recording ability!


Up to 50 songs and backing tracks can now be imported directly from your device's library, or from a computer using iTunes file sharing over a Wi-fi connection. And for those just starting out with guitar, Amplitube also now includes the popular SpeedTrainer from IK Multimedia, a feature intended for learning or practice, that allows the user to slow down or speed up the tempo of an imported song (1/2 speed or 2x speed) without affecting the pitch. And to complete Amplitube as a practice/learning tool, it also includes a digital chromatic tuner, and metronome.

With the single mini-jack output from the iRig, which can be attached to speakers, or headphones for when away from the studio, if you're a guitar player, Amplitube really is the perfect partner in crime for your iPhone or iPod! Purchase your iRig, and then download the full, LE, or FREE version of Amplitube (version 2), and get strumming!

PRICING (available for download from the iTunes store):

Amplitube (version 2): £11.99

Amplitube LE (version 2): £1.79

Amplitube FREE (version 2): I'm sure you can work this one out!

(Plus, look out for Amplitube version 2 on iPad, soon to be available, with even more powerful features!)

Amplitube (version 1) for iPad: £11.99

Amplitube FREE (version 1) for iPad: FREE!

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