Posted on Thu 14 October 2010 in entries

Building on the success of the HD series, Mackie’s HD1221 delivers stunning performance and power in a package that’s as versatile as it is compact…

Mackie is well known for creating quality gear that is both high-performance and affordable. Its new HD line of powered loudspeakers is testament to this ability, offering truly inspiring sonic performance as well as being competitively priced. And the new HD1221 does all this in a package small enough to fit just about anywhere!

Intense power

Despite its rather diminutive size (even smaller than Mackie’s popular SRM450 V2), the HD1221 boasts a class-leading 1,200W of peak system power. Both internal amps are Class D, ensuring optimum performance in a cool running and lightweight design.

When combined, the amps can deliver a maximum SPL up to 133dB. Mackie is very forward about its testing procedures, something that other manufacturers have seemingly abandoned in order to produce hyped-up specifications. However, just pop into our showroom for a comparative demo and we guarantee you won’t need a calculator to appreciate the difference in available power!

Friends with benefits

Mackie collaborated with the award-winning engineering teams at Martin Audio and EAW for the design of the HD1221. Both the lightweight 12” neodymium LF driver and 1.75” compression driver are custom-designed by EAW to match the specific requirements of the high-output power amps. There’s also an innovative 90 x 50 horn designed by Martin Audio which is user-rotatable to work best for the prescribed application.

EAW meticulously tunes the entire system, including the application of patented acoustic correction processing that utilises powerful DSP alogrithms to counter the inherent sonic issues present in any horn-loaded system. This allows for a level of articulation and clarity that’s only typically found on high-end touring array systems. The sonic benefits of this technology alone put Mackie’s HD series ahead of the pack.

Application friendly

The high-output, compact design of the HD1221 is extremely versatile. Perfect for portable applications, the HD1221 can be easily mounted on a tripod or atop the companion HD1501 1,200W powered subwoofer. It even features 12 integrated flypoints, allowing for vertical or horizontal rigging for permanent installations.

The HD1221 has an easy-to-use three-position voicing switch that allows you to dial in the right tone for the task in hand. There’s a Normal mode for standard operation, a Contour position for low-volume applications and a Monitor mode designed to let vocals cut through with minimal feedback. This voicing mode, along with a smart 60° cabinet inclination, makes the HD1221 an impressive, high-output stage monitor.

Built to last

Like all Mackie products, the HD1221’s construction quality is second to none. The cabinet is an all-wood design with rugged 15mm birch plywood covered in a durable, textured black paint.

The grille is made using cold-rolled, powder-coated steel, built to resist the inevitable dings and dents. The speaker is designed to look incredibly sleek and its front LED can be switched off to blend into the most discreet situations.

A perfect combination

The HD1221 delivers a potent blend of power, performance and versatility that sets it apart from the other portable speakers on the market. To experience this for yourself, simply visit our showrooms for a full demo.

HD1221 specs

Power: 500W + 100W RMS
Speakers: 12-inch neodymium woofer with 3-inch voice coil; 1.75-inch compression driver
Control: Three voicing modes
Dimensions: 61 x 38.5 x 34.1cm
Weight: 22.7kg