50 Free Drumless Tracks with Alesis Strike and Strike Pro kits

Posted on Tue 08 August 2017 in entries

Alesis Strike Promo

Owners of Alesis Strike & Strike Pro kits can download 50 premium Drumless Tracks on the house upon registration of their kit.

This pack from market leaders FDT (free drumless tracks) includes popular Funk, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, and Fusion tracks (a £40 value). Users can have fun practicing along to the Drumless instrumentals, make YouTube cover videos or even use them for live performances.

If you haven't come across FDT before, where have you been?! Free Drumless Tracks is a website that provides drummers with original FREE drumless tracks in various genres of music. In addition to providing free drumless tracks, they also provide premium drumless tracks and drum related products.

You can get upto 50 of their premium tracks for free when you buy and register a new Alesis Strike or Alesis Strike Pro electronic drum kit.

The Alesis Strike and Alesis Strike Pro combine the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums combined with the versatility and capability of the best electronic drums. These are the perfect drums to move beyond the limitations of a conventional acoustic set, without giving anything up.

Featuring large dual-hoop pads with mesh heads and sensitivity adjustment knobs, Strike's premium wood shell drums come in standard acoustic drum sizes (14 inch snare, 8-10-12 inch toms and 14 inch kick), so you'll instantly feel at home when you sit behind them.

The Strike Performance Module has a sound library with 100 brand new drum kits and 100 customisable user kits made from over 1000 instruments. The module has on-board sampling capability, SD card storage, and USB/MIDI connectivity, which you can use in conjunction with your favourite music production software as well as the powerful new Strike Software Editor. Its 4.3-inch colour LED screen displays all your settings and choices at a quick glance.

All you have to do to get your free tracks is register your new kit on the 'my account' section of the Alesis website and BOOM! You'll get the download straight away.