sE Electronics News: From X-Factor to Sugababes with sE

Posted on Fri 27 August 2010 in entries

Latest artist endorsee news piece from sE Electronics:

From X-Factor to Sugababes with sE

Summary: Producer and songwriter Gareth Young prefers the sound of his sE mics over his far more expensive options to record some of the biggest vocalists out there…

Sugababes, All Saints, Ronan Keating, you name them, the chances are Gareth Young has worked with them. Gareth has been recording a producing since the tender age of 15 and has certainly carved out a successful career since then…

“I had my first deal at 17,” he says, “and have been songwriting and producing ever since. I’ve worked with artists like Sugababes, Dannii Minogue, Lucie Silvas and Appleton. My main studio is near Truro in Cornwall with a programming room in London.”

Gareth has kitted out his studio with a special edition sE Gemini III dual tube, multi pattern microphone and two sE RNR1 active ribbon after recommendations from other engineers including John Cornfield from Sawmills Studios.

“I am using the Gemini III as my main vocal mike now alongside a mic that costs four times as much and I prefer the Gemini!” he reveals. “The RNR1s are being used mainly on electric guitars and as a second pair of overheads for kit miking.”

“Since receiving the microphones the Gemini III has become my vocal microphone of choice over my other two mics which cost up to £4k each! I now use it mainly for female vocals and the RNR1s are amazing on guitars.”

Finally Gareth concludes: “The switchable polar patterns on the Gemini III really help with day to day recording and the mic is generally on the pleasant side of bright. I also used it as a room overhead for drums which was also successful– so much so that I will be getting another one for a stereo pair!”

“The RNR1 has one brilliant feature: its sound. In all my days recording I haven’t come across a better microphone for electric guitar amp recording. It’s really warm and gives the body needed without any EQ – a great mic!”

Gareth is currently in the studio producing the Metal band Kernuyck and working on two songs for X-Factor finalist Lucy Jones.

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