Posted on Tue 09 August 2011 in entries

This brief review comes courtesy of our very own Guitar Manager, Terry Haselden, who recently picked up and tested the Tech 21 Roto Choir pedal and felt compelled to share his excitement with the rest of the guitar community...

One of the most sought after guitar sounds is that of the classic Leslie rotary speaker system. But how can it be achieved without lugging a half-ton Leslie cabinet to every gig and every studio session? Thankfully, there is now a simple solution courtesy of New York based company, Tech 21, and it is called the Roto Choir pedal.

The Roto Choir recreates the effect of a rotating lower speaker as well as the treble rotor horn. Using advanced Sans Amp technology, the Roto Choir pedal delivers a sound that expertly models the entire signal chain, incorporating characteristics and nuances from the original tube power amp, the speaker and the microphone, to give a highly detailed representation of that classic sound.

The Drive control can be used to add compression, harmonics and that classic grit tone. The Fast/Slow footswitch allows users to ramp up, slow down or even stop the rotating speaker effect altogether. There is even a dedicated control to customise the maximum speed of the rotor itself. The Tech 21 Roto Choir pedal also features a bi-amped/single speaker mode switch and a stereo ‘Sim’ switch for direct recording.

Adjusting the intensity of the effect is very easy with the Roto Choir pedal. All you have to do is to adjust the ‘Position’ control, which allows you to move the virtual microphone in relation to the horns.

The Tech 21 Roto Choir pedal looks and sounds absolutely amazing and is supplied with a number of sample sound settings for tones such as Badge, Angel, Standard Leslie and many more.

For more information or to purchase the Tech 21 Roto Choir pedal, click the link below...

Tech 21 Roto Choir Pedal - Buy/More Information