Posted on Tue 21 January 2014 in Drums

Last week we were teased with a video that Roland released, which hinted that they would be introducing a new model of their classic TR-808 drum machine. Today, they've ramped up the suspense by releasing a similar TR-909 video.

Although we haven't been sent any official information from Roland, the video seems to suggest that there will be some digital modelling involved somewhere, but does this mean that it's going to be completely digitally modelled or will it be a hybrid like the original? Is this going to be the same product as the one hinted at in the previous video, i.e. a rhythm machine that can create both 808 and 909 sounds?

Check out the video below and see what you think...

The original Roland TR-909 has become a dance music classic, with sounds that are still synonymous with house and techno music. As a progression from the 808, the TR-909 combined digital samples with analogue circuitry.

Roland are advertising a first public showing of their Aira product(s) in February, so keep checking back on our News page or 'like' our Pro Audio Facebook page for all the latest updates.