Posted on Wed 25 January 2012 in Drums

Nord DrumThe Nord Drum is a unique 4-channel virtual analogue drum synthesiser, allowing drummers to create electronic sounds using traditional drumming methods. The Nord Drum contains a number of analogue waveforms, ideal for creating classic electro percussive sounds, but it is also packed full of harmonically complex waveforms and a number of different types of noise generators, giving you a huge palette to create a massive variety of different sounds.

The Nord Drum provides the musician with a huge dynamic range and ultra-fast triggering, meaning that you get a natural feel, even if the sounds are anything but! The Nord Drum features 4 high-sensitivity inputs and MIDI, allowing you to play it with a huge range of Electronic Drum Pads, Acoustic Drum Triggers and MIDI-pads/Sequencers, making it an ideal product to fit in with an existing drummer's set-up.

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