Posted on Wed 19 March 2014 in DJ Gear

We recently received some very special packages from Roland... but what could they be? In fact, it felt like Christmas had come early (and not just because of the way they were wrapped(!)), because we had been sent Roland AIRA TB-3, TR-8 and VT-3 modules to place on demo in our pro-music superstore.

Each unit is now up and running and available to try in store (CLICK HERE to find us), so feel free to pop in!

We're due our first shipment of saleable AIRAs on 21st March, so if you try them and decide you want one (or more), we suggest getting a pre-order in ASAP as there are only a limited number coming in on the first UK shipment. Please note that the AIRA System-1 will not be coming in on this first shipment and will become available later this year.

The AIRA TB-3 is based on Roland's classic TB-303 synth, with a characteristic sound that kick-started acid house and still has a huge influence on electronic music today.

The AIRA TR-8 is a drum machine based on both the TR-808 and TR-909 rhythm machines, which still form the foundations for many house, dance and hip-hop tracks.

The AIRA VT-3 is a brand new vocal effects unit, which is ideal for DJs and producers that want to create some crazy vocal effects in the studio.

The AIRA System-1 (not on demo yet, but due to be released later this year) is a synth and plug-in controller, which also allows you to load it with specially-designed Roland plug-ins that model some of their most sought after instruments.

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