Posted on Tue 24 January 2012 in DJ Gear

Numark 4TrakThe 4Trak is a brand new four-channel Traktor DJ controller from Numark. With two of Numark's ultra-sturdy metal jog wheels, a host of controls for functions such as looping and effects and a built-in interface that allows you to incorporate external turntables, microphones, MP3 players and more, the 4Trak gives you everything you need to rock a party!

Because the 4Trak is also a mixer, it means that you don't have to have it connected to a computer to work! This gives you absolute peace of mind when DJing as if your laptop decides to fail, just hook up a pair of turntables or an MP3 player and salvage your set!

The Numark 4Trak provides you with the most detailed effect controls on the market. As well as the standard DJ controls, the 4Trak includes an angled back panel that includes controls for FX engines 1 and 2, as well as individual filter knobs for each of the 4Trak's four channels.

The 4Trak also makes use of touchstrip technology, meaning that it is easier than ever to find the part of the song that you are looking for. This works as the length of the strip represents your loaded track, so you simply need to touch anywhere in the touchstrip to jump to that section! Or, press and drag on the touchstrip to scroll though a track. However you decide to use them, it sure beats scrolling and clicking with a mouse!

The Numark 4Trak is ideal for any DJing style. With the rock-solid jog wheels, you can perform scratching or beatmatching with precision, ease and realism. Or, you can automatically lock the tempo of up to 4 songs, set cue points and/or trigger samples and loops to create unique live remixes! With the Numark 4Trak the only limit to your performance is your creativity.

The Numark 4Trak comes bundled with Traktor 2 4Trak Edition software, which gives you a special version of the industry leading DJ software that is especially designed to work with the 4Track for seamless integration.

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