Posted on Tue 14 February 2012 in Customer Services

Orange Micro Crush AmpIf you have just purchased an Orange Micro Crush PiX guitar amplifier and it appears to not be turning on, please make sure that you have a guitar lead plugged into it. There is a micro switch in the lead socket, which only allows the amp to power on when a guitar lead is attached. This saves the batteries from draining.

If you try this and it still doesn't work, then it sounds as if there is a more serious issue, in which case, please contact the retailer that you purchased your Orange amp from.

If you tried this and it did work, then hooray! And don't feel too silly as it is a common 'problem'! Maybe just check the manual next time before jumping to conclusions - they are there for a reason :)

For more information on the Orange Micro Crush guitar amp, click the link below:

Orange Micro Crush - More Info/Buy