Posted on Wed 15 February 2012 in Computer Music

Focusrite VRM BoxCheck out this short video from Focusrite, which helps describe what the VRM Box can do in a rather unique and comedic way!

The Focusrite VRM Box allows you to monitor your mixes in your headphones, as if you were listening back to them through a pair of speakers in front of you! What's more is that you can choose from a variety of different speakers to monitor through, and you can also select what environment you want to monitor in (untreated room, home studio or professional recording studio), allowing you to get the perfect mix every time, without having to spend a fortune on equipment!


For more information on the VRM Box, you can visit www.vrmgirls.com, which includes an in depth explanation of what VRM technology is, a mixing tutorial and a funny bloopers video that's worth a watch!

For even more information on the Focusrite VRM Box (or to buy one), click the link below:

Focusrite VRM Box - More Info/Buy

Of course, to make full use of the Focusrite VRM Box you will need a good quality pair of headphones. We recommend Audio Technica ATH-M50's, which are very reasonably priced headphone with an extremely flat and detailed response. For more information on this bundle, click the link below:

VRM Box and ATH-M50 Headphones - More Info/Buy