Posted on Wed 19 June 2013 in Computer Music

The cheaper way to buy Pro Tools..


With Avid’s recent change in licencing, many would-be Pro Tools users are a little confused and a little put out by the apparent increase in price. We have written about the various options here to try and clear up the confusion surrounding the “Pro Tools perpetual licence” versus the “Pro Tools subscription” options, but we were still getting many people asking “how much??”.

So, as ever, we have been looking for a money-saving solution for our customers wishing to buy Pro Tools, and are pleased to announce we have now found one!

Pro Tools software (as a perpetual licence) should be £718 for non-education users. Teachers and students are still advised to purchase the reduced price versions specifically for them, but if you are not in education then, until now, you would have had to buy the full retail version.

So how have we done such a good deal this time?

The recent collaboration between Apogee and Avid has meant that Pro Tools can be bought with Apogee hardware for less than the cost of Pro Tools alone:

Apogee Duet Pro Tools £495


Apogee Quartet Pro Tools £1271.90


Furthermore, you can get the extra free plug-ins that should come with the official Pro Tools Duet by entering a special serial number when you authorise Pro Tools. This entitles you to download up to about £500 worth of plug-ins free of charge.

So if you want to take advantage of any of the above deals then be quick! This offer is only available whilst stocks last.

If you have any more questions regarding these bundles, please feel free to give us a call on 01202 597180, e-mail or click the links in this article.