Posted on Thu 22 March 2012 in Computer Music

Propellerhead Figure iOS AppWe don't have too much information on this one at the moment, but it seems that Propellerhead will soon be launching a brand new iOS app, which is based on the Reason synth engine! Although it isn't as powerful or as feature-packed as the Reason DAW, it is an excellent tool for making music on-the-go when creativity strikes!

It is built on the idea of making music using just the basic elements - drums, bass and lead. Using your touchscreen controls you will be able to sequence and record patterns and add effects, plus a lot more! As they say in the video below, there are going to be more features added in the future, but when it is first released it will only cost \$1!!!

Check it out in the video below, made by the guys at Sonic State: