Posted on Wed 26 June 2013 in Computer Music

MK with Traktor and MaschineWith the resurgence of the original NYC House/Garage sound in the 21st century fuelled heavily by the likes of new faces such as Maya Jane ColesDisclosure & Bicep, first generation production legends like Marc 'MK' Kinchen have recently resurfaced, sought after on remix and DJ duties by the 21st century house generation.

In the early nineties, Kinchen was responsible for seminal House classic 'Burning' and the crossover classic mix of Push the Feeling On and he has since gone on to produce for virtually everyone from Pitbull, Will Smith and Céline Dion (giving her the only Billboard Dance Chart placing of her career) & created the scores for hit movies such as "Sharks Tale".

In this video, originally made for Native Instruments, Mr Kinchen shows how he uses Maschine to produce and remix Storm Queen's 'Look Right Through', proving just how versatile Maschine can be. He also demonstrates how easily Maschine links in with Traktor Pro 2 DJ software, allowing you to make seamless transitions from production to DJing and vice versa.

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