Posted on Thu 04 April 2013 in Computer Music

Novation Launchpad SCheck out this crazy video below, featuring the new Novation Launchpad S! How people have the co-ordination to create these performances is beyond us! Read on further to find out how this video was created...

The Launchpad S improves on the original (and HUGELY popular) Launchpad controller by providing a significantly faster refresh rate (i.e. it's faster), much brighter LEDs (useful for dark venues and making it look more impressive) and plug-and-play functionality with a range of other software! The Launchpad S comes with Ableton Live Launchpad Edition software, so you get everything you need to start performing right out of the box (apart from a computer of course!), although it also comes with overlays for using it with other software such as FL Studio. Oh, and it is also compatible with iPads! Just plug it in using an Apple Camera Connection Kit (available separately) and control your favourite apps such as the FREE Launchpad app (currently the most downloaded music app), which allows you to trigger loops on the fly and create unique performances directly from your iPad!! No additional power supply required!

With its even more responsive design, this colourful 64-pad controller is ideal for live DJ/performance work as well as for studio production purposes, to audition ideas, trigger samples and control your DAW and plug-ins. Plus, because it is now compatible with the iPad, you can take it anywhere and use it to create unique performances or compositions on-the-move with minimum equipment! For example, take the Launchpad S on a train with your iPad and a pair of headphones and get creating/practicing! Professional music creation has never been so portable!

The Launchpad S is due to start shipping this month and is available for preorder now!

For more information on the Novation Launchpad S, click the link below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

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