Posted on Tue 29 January 2013 in Computer Music

M-Audio M-Track, Plus and QuadM-Audio have announced three new audio interfaces at NAMM 2013! This sleek new range is comprised of the M-Track, M-Track Plus and the M-Track Quad, all sporting that famous M-Audio name. Let's introduce you to all of them...

The compact M-Track is the least feature-rich of all the range, but that said, it packs in an enormous amount of features for such a small device. The M-Track is a 2-in, 2-out portable interface, which can record up to a quality of 24-bit/48kHz. It features two XLR inputs with phantom power (for using condenser mics), two balanced 1/4" line inputs (both which can be switched to receive a Hi-Z guitar level signal for recording an electric guitar or bass), two 1/4" TRS inserts, balanced 1/4" main outputs (with a level control), a 1/4" headphone output (with its own level control) and even MIDI Inputs and Outputs!

The M-Audio M-Track is USB powered, making it great for use in a portable studio if required and it ships with Ignite by AIR (music creation software for quickly capturing ideas) and Ableton Live Lite.

M-Audio M-Track Audio Interface](

The M-Audio M-Track Plus employs a slightly different design to the standard M-Track, but  it offers all the same features, whilst adding digital S/PDIF I/O and it comes with Avid Pro Tools Express instead of Ableton Live Lite, which allows for more advanced production.

M-Audio M-Track Plus Audio Interface](

Finally, the M-Track Quad is the 'daddy' of the range! With four XLR and 1/4" combo inputs, which can record from any sort of source (it features phantom power and guitar-level switching) up to 24-bit/96kHz and four TRS 1/4" inserts the M-Track Quad is certainly the most versatile of all the M-Tracks. It is powered by USB and features three ports and it also comes with Ignite and Avid Pro Toole Express software.

M-Audio M-Track Quad Audio Interface](

For more information on the M-Track, M-Track Plus or M-Track Quad, click the links below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

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M-Audio M-Track Plus - More Info/Buy

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M-Audio M-Track Quad - More Info/Buy

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