Posted on Fri 20 January 2012 in Computer Music

Universal Audio ApolloWhenever Universal Audio announce a new product, it is always an exciting time! Having already established themselves as producers of the world's best analogue emulation software plug-ins, the UA team have decided to take things a step further...

The Universal Audio Apollo is an 18-in 24-out, 24-bit 192kHz Firewire 800 Audio Interface that comes in either a UAD Duo or UAD Quad model, which basically means that you get a powerful DSP processing engine for running UA's complex plug-ins without burdening your computer's CPU! Because the processors are available within the interface, the Apollo also gives you the unique ability to place UAD plug-ins on live incoming incoming audio signals, so that you can hear the plug-in effects with an unbelievable latency of just 2ms! A Thunderbolt expansion card will also be available to buy for the Apollo, to give the interface full support for the Thunderbolt platform.

The Apollo features a number of high quality inputs and outputs (including four high-quality mic preamps), making it an ideal product to sit at the heart of a modern studio.

For more information on the Universal Audio Apollo, click the link below:

Universal Audio Apollo Duo - More Info/Buy

Universal Audio Apollo Quad - More Info/Buy