Posted on Wed 01 August 2012 in Computer Music

Native Instruments Komplete 8](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/store/computer-music-46/software-4613/virtual-instruments-samplers-46132/native-instruments-komplete-8-45759)

From today until the end of September, if you purchase Komplete 8, you will receive Razor, Session Strings and The Mouth as FREE downloads from Native Instruments!

Razor (usually €69) is an additive software synthesiser with a classic additive sound. Click here for more information on Razor.

Session Strings (usually €99) is a Kontakt instrument packed with a wealth of professional string samples. Click here for more information on Session Strings.

The Mouth (usually €69) is a unique synthesiser that can make melodies and harmonies out of whatever audio material you feed it! Click here for more information on The Mouth.

[caption id="attachment_4741" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Komplete 8 plus 3"]Komplete 8 plus 3](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/store/computer-music-46/software-4613/virtual-instruments-samplers-46132/native-instruments-komplete-8-45759)[/caption]

For more information on Komplete 8, click the link below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

Komplete 8 - More Info/Buy