Posted on Mon 16 April 2012 in Computer Music

iZotope IrisIris is a new sample-based virtual synthesiser instrument from iZotope. Iris works in a brand new way, making use of your eyes as well as your ears...

Iris allows you to load up any sound and explore spectral details that are not visible in a traditional waveform view. You can then extract and isolate specific components of the sound as you see fit, and use a selection of tools to mould the sound into whatever you want it to be! Whilst this method is ideal for working with and creating interesting effect sounds, it can also be used for musical material, making use of automatic root note detection.

Iris also comes with built-in iZotope effects to further enhance your sounds, and features over 500 patches, created by professional sound designers.

For more information on Iris, give us a call on 01202 597180.