Posted on Wed 23 January 2013 in Computer Music

IK Multimedia iLoud SpeakerIK Multimedia announce the iLoud and iLoud MINI portable stereo speakers, designed especially for musicians! These battery-operated speakers provide surprising power and low-end response for such a compact design, which makes them ideal for use as a portable studio speaker for music creation on-the-go. Plus, they're also perfect if you just want to kick back and listen to some tracks! IK Multimedia claim that these speakers are on par with professional studio monitors so we can't wait to hear them!

The larger iLoud model provides a surprising 40W RMS of power, whilst the smaller iLoud MINI provides 12W RMS. Both are said to be 2 to 3 times louder than other speakers of a similar size!

Both iLoud speakers are ideal for mixing and listening to a variety of different musical styles, from Dance to Hip Hop and Rock to Acoustic. Both featuring onboard DSP for maintaing accuracy, the iLoud and iLoud MINI also provide plug-and-play connectivity for instruments such as a guitar, bass or dynamic microphone! Using an effect app on your iOS device you can then process these signals directly. Both iLoud speakers also feature bass-reflexes, which helps provide their excellent deep bass response.

IK Multimedia iLoud and iLoud MINI]({static}/uploads/2013/01/IK-Multimedia-iLoud-and-iLoud-MINI.jpg)

Both the iLoud and iLoud MINI are extremely small. The iLoud is approximately the size of an iPad and the iLoud MINI is around the size of an iPad Mini! Both also feature rechargeable batteries and support Bluetooth operation. This means that you can stream music to them from devices such as an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, or you can plug in non-Bluetooth devices, e.g. mp3 players, a computer, DJ gear, mixers, etc. through a handy mini-jack connection.

Both the iLoud and iLoud MINI are set to be released in Spring 2013.

For more information on either the iLoud or iLoud MINI, give us a call on 01202 597180.