Posted on Fri 01 November 2013 in Computer Music

From 1st November until 31st December 2013, anyone who purchases and registers Reason 7 or Reason 7 Student/Teacher Edition will automatically receive the Radical Piano and Radical Keys Rack Extensions (worth £100) free of charge via a download!

Reason 7 is a professional recording and production software package with a unique design. Unlike most other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), Reason 7's interface doesn't look like a complicated piece of science software! Instead, it has a very visual design, allowing you to view all your instruments and effects in a virtual rack, as if you were working with hardware. You can even flip the rack over and re-wire how everything is connected up, which makes it a great learning tool.

The Reason Radical Piano Extension provides you with three basic piano emulations, but enough controls to customise them in order to alter their sound and tone to fit in with any project. If you're after a vast range of realistic piano sounds, then this is the Extension for you!

If you're after some top electronic piano sounds then Radical Keys Extension will be right up your street. It provides emulations of the Rhodes Mk1, the Wurlitzer and Pianet-T in one rack instrument. Again, you also get plenty of controls in order to customise the sounds to suit your needs.

If you're interested in becoming part of the Reason family then now is a great time to take that leap and bag yourself some free instruments at the same time.

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