Posted on Mon 10 June 2013 in Computer Music

Robot Playing LaunchpadNo? Well, watch the video below by Jack Conte and if you ever get asked that question again (unlikely, we know!), you'll be able to answer "yes"! Just to be clear, this isn't animation trickery, these are actually real robots in the video! Check it out!

The new Novation Launchpad-S is brighter, faster, and more universal than the old version, now compatible with software such as Fruity Loops and of course, the iPad. As well as providing a brilliant visual performance spectacle, the Launchpad-S is a fantastically intuitive controller for software such as Ableton Live.


For more information on the new Novation Launchpad-S, click the link below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

Novation Launchpad-S - More Info/Buy

You probably also noticed a range of Electro-Harmonix pedals featured in this video. At Absolute Music, we're a huge fan of these pedals!

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