Posted on Mon 26 March 2012 in Computer Music

Dynaudio DBM50Dynaudio Professional announced two new models of monitors at Musikmesse 2012; the DBM50 and the M3XE.

The Dynaudio DM50 is perfectly angled for desktop monitoring situations. It features an innovative wave guide around the tweeter and a new desktop controller that allows you to easily adjust the level of your mix from a convenient position.

Check it out in the video below! Reports from our team that travelled to Frankfurt for Musikmesse 2012 suggest that they sound pretty darn good!


The M3XE is described by Dynaudio as 'the ultimate main monitoring solution', and by looking at it, you wouldn't argue! This monstorous monitor combines world-class driver and cabinet technology with cutting-edge signal processing and amplification and the speakers are powered by two of Lab.gruppen's PLM10000Q amplifiers.

Again, you can check them out in the video below!


For more information on any of these Dynaudio speakers, give us a call on 01202 597180 or visit the official Dynaudio website (DBM50 / M3XE).