Posted on Tue 25 October 2011 in Computer Music

AniMoogCheck out this awesome iPad app from Moog! It features an X/Y pad with assignable parameters per axis and it allows you to create custom paths (by touching and dragging) for the notes to follow, to help add interest to a sound. You can then go even deeper into the synth features by controlling the size and rates of the orbits!The Animoog app also features a polyphonic touchscreen keyboard with individual note articulation. Simply touch a key to play it and slide your finger up and down to control other aspects of the sound, giving you a huge amount of control!

Another unorthodox feature of the Animoog is the layout of the keyboard. Instead of having a standard layout, the application allows you to set your own keyscales so that the interface only displays the notes that you require. You can then refine the look of the keyboard by adjusting the spacing between notes, to configure it for your own personal playing style.

On top of all this, the Animoog gives you plenty of modulation options, with adjustable envelopes and an assignable modulation matrix. The Animoog lets you assign multiple oscillators per voice with detune (allowing for really thick sounds), it includes analogue-style delay and it even features record, looping and overdub modes for building up complex arrangements.

Plus, on top of all this, it sounds absolutely amazing... and the best news is that if you are quick to make a purchase, this app will only cost you 69p! Regular price = \$29.99!

The Moog Animoog is available from the iTunes store today! Click the link below for more information or to buy it!

Animoog - Moog Music Inc.](