Posted on Mon 10 October 2011 in Computer Music

V-ControlWe came across this rather cool app the other day... it's called V-Control Pro by Neyrinck and it allows you to control your favourite DAW (Pro Tools, Logic or Cubase/Nuendo) using the sensitive touchscreen of the iPad!V-Control gives you all the functionality of a dedicated hardware DAW controller plus a lot more, all for a fraction of the price! In fact, even if you don't currently own an iPad, the cost of the latest iPad plus the V-Control application is still less than half the price of a decent hardware controller!

Using the multi-touch screen of the iPad you can control the transport section of your DAW, adjust multiple faders simultaneously, control panning, mute, solo, sends, automation, plug-ins, scrub and more! What's more is that you can create an entire mix from anywhere in the studio - you don't even have to be sat in front of your computer!

V-Control is simple to set-up and gives you all the flexibility of a hardware controller, plus a load more. V-Control Pro and V-Control Free (a cut down version of the Pro app - doesn't feature jog/scrub, automation modes, input monitoring, I/O routing, plug-in editing, save/undo buttons, zoom, etc.) are both available from the iTunes store today. Click the links below to find out more:

V-Control Pro - Neyrinck - More Info/Purchase

V-Control Pro - Neyrinck](http://clk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=23708&a=1842296&url=http%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2Fgb%2Fapp%2Fv-control-pro%2Fid400423823%3Fmt%3D8%26uo%3D4%26partnerId%3D2003)

V-Control Free - Neyrinck - More Info/Purchase