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Focusrite, Novation, KRK ProductsBuy any new Focusrite, Novation or KRK product from us from now until 10th May and you will be eligible to enter an AMAZING competition, with a £200 voucher being given away everyday for 50 days! The first draw takes place this Friday (22nd March) and the good news is that you only need to enter once to be entered into all following prize draws! That means that if you purchase a product and enter the competition before Friday, you will be giving yourself 50 chances of winning £200, so be quick!

The cheapest way to enter is by purchasing the Focusrite Plug-in Suite software for just £19.99 (click here), or you may also be interested in our money-saving Focusrite Novation Collection, which provides the Focusrite Plug-in Suite, plus the awesome V-Station as Bass Station virtual synths, all for just £29! Click here for more info!

Focusrite, Novation, KRK Giveaway]({static}/uploads/2013/03/Focusrite-Novation-KRK-Giveaway.png)

Maybe you're on the market for a professional audio interface? Well, check out Focusrite's Scarlett range of USB 2.0 interfaces or Saffire range of Firewire interfaces! Or even the new Forte, with its high-end converters and preamps! You may even be interested in the compact Focusrite VRM Box, which allows you to mix your tracks through headphones as if you were listening through a pair of speakers in front of you - very clever stuff - click here for more info on this one! Or maybe you're after a professional DJ controller or MIDI keyboard? Or perhaps a professional synth? Then Novation have a range of products on offer for you, from their Launchpad controller, their Impulse and SL MkII MIDI keyboards and their MiniNova and UltraNova synths! Then again, if you're looking for a pair of professional studio monitors or headphones, you'll want to check out KRK!

Each £200 voucher will be redeemable against further Focusrite, Novation and/or KRK products of your choice.

Entering the competition is simple:

1. Purchase any Focusrite, Novation or KRK product from us. Please note that your purchase will need to take place either in-store, over the phone or from our main website to make you eligible to enter the competition. Items purchased through our eBay and Amazon stores do not comply with the terms and conditions of the competition.

2. Click here to visit the official Focusrite website and fill in the form.

3. Answer the competition question correctly.

4. Click the 'Enter the competition' button.

5. You can then sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that whilst enjoying your new Focusrite/Novation/KRK product, you will also be in the mix to receive even more gear everyday from 22nd March-10th May 2013.

As we said, the sooner you purchase, the more daily competitions you will be entered into!

For full terms and conditions, click here.

Don't forget that many of these items can be bought in special bundles, such as our unmissable Ableton Live 9/Live 9 Suite deals, which in many cases give you some hardware and Ableton Live 9/Live 9 Suite software for less than the cost of purchasing Ableton Live 9/Live 9 Suite on its own! CLICK HERE for more information on these deals.

You can browse our range of Focusrite, Novation and KRK products online or give us a call on 01202 597180 for more information.

[CLICK HERE to View Our Range of Focusrite USB Interfaces & £££ SAVING BUNDLES!

View Our Range Focusrite USB Interfaces](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/computer-music/usb-interfaces.html?brand_ams_f=brand_ams_f%7CFocusrite&p=1)

CLICK HERE to View Our Range of Focusrite Firewire Interfaces & £££ SAVING BUNDLES!

View Our Range Focusrite Firewire Interfaces](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/computer-music/firewire-interfaces.html?brand_ams_f=brand_ams_f%7CFocusrite)

CLICK HERE to View Our Range of Focusrite Preamps & £££ SAVING BUNDLES!

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CLICK HERE to View Our Range of Novation MIDI Controllers & £££ SAVING BUNDLES!

View Our Range Novation MIDI Controllers](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/computer-music/midi-controllers.html?brand_ams_f=brand_ams_f%7CNovation&p=1)

CLICK HERE to View Our Range of Novation Synthesisers

View Our Range Novation synthesisers](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/keyboards/synths.html?brand_ams_f=brand_ams_f%7CNovation)

CLICK HERE to View Our Range of KRK Studio Monitors & £££ SAVING BUNDLES!

View Our Range KRK Studio Monitors](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/recording/monitors.html?brand_ams_f=brand_ams_f%7CKrk&p=1)

CLICK HERE to View Our Range of KRK Studio Headphones £ £££ SAVING BUNDLES!

View Our Range KRK Headphones](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/search.php?search_query=krk+kns)

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