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Focusrite VRM BoxWhat Is VRM? VRM (Virtual Reference Monitoring) technology basically allows you to listen to your music through a pair of heaphones, but hear it as if the sound were coming from a pair of speakers in front of you! Why would you want to do this? You may not have the money for an expensive pair of studio monitors... or, you may find yourself in a situation where blasting out loud music at all hours of the day and night is not possible (maybe you have a less than sympathetic neighbour, a less than sympathetic partner, or a new born baby who seems unappreciative of all the noise coming from the spare room, and rudely insists on bawling whilst you try to perfect your mixes!)... or maybe you do a lot of your mixing on a laptop, away from your main studio... or perhaps it's for a completely different reason altogether... but I'm assuming that if you are reading this then you probably have a good reason to want to mix through headphones!
And why can't you just plug in a pair of cans and start mixing without VRM technology? Because chances are, you will listen back to your mix through a pair of studio monitors at a later point in time and realise that it sounds rubbish! This is because headphones pump two independent channels directly to each ear, whereas when you listen to a mix through a pair of monitors, each ear receives a bit of the signal from both speakers, plus the rooms acoustics gives the sound certain characteristics due to factors such as the reflections etc... therefore you should be able to understand that mixing through headphones and through speakers will ultimately lead your ears to hear things slightly differently...VRM technology solves this problem... plus it allows you to choose from a number of different speakers and environments, so you can reference your mix multiple times without moving from your chair or spending loads of money! You can choose to listen to your mix in a professional studio, bedroom studio, or living room, through a huge selection of speakers ranging from real professional studio models to television speakers!

All you need is a good pair of headphones... the better the headphones, the more accurate your mix will sound... but hey, a good pair of headphones is a lot cheaper than buying a pair of professional studio monitors, and HUGELY more cost effective than buying everything that VRM Technology models!

VRM Sampler

If you want to sample what VRM technology sounds like for yourself, then put on your best pair of headphones and CLICK HERE! Focusrite have kindly uploaded a VRM sampler to their website that lets you hear how VRM sounds for yourself, and gives you a limited selection of speakers to choose from (just to give you an idea of what it sounds like and whet your appetite!)

If VRM technology sounds like something you would be interested in, then check out our range of VRM products or give us a call on 01202 597180...

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