New: Orange Rocker 15 and Rocker 32 Guitar Valve Combo Amps

Posted on Wed 01 February 2017 in Amplifiers

Orange Rocker Amps

With their latest product launch, Orange Amplification attempts to bridge the gap between bedroom and stage with an amp loud enough to fill a venue but enough tone at low volume for home rehearsals.

The new Orange Rocker 15 and Rocker 32 are valve combo guitar amps with plenty of flexibility and tonal warmth thanks to the EL84 tube driven power amp.

The Orange Rocker 15 is a 1x10 combo amp that hits the 15 watt mark, but can be tamed to half power (well, almost half power at 7 watts), 1 watt and even half a watt. This means that it is loud enough for gigging at a small venue (or a venue of any size when mic’d up) but will still have plenty of tone for practicing at home at low volume, without disturbing the neighbors. The Rocker 15 also boasts a valve powered effects loop, something that isn’t very often seen in amps of this size and price point.


The Orange Rocker 32 steps it up a notch with 2x10” Orange Voice of the World speakers and 30 watts of valve driven power. Orange calls it their “most versatile amp yet”, and they are quite possibly right. The Rocker 32 not only has the usual effects loop for pedalboard users but adds an extra layer of intrigue by including a second loop return port to enable the user to have one of the speakers projecting the dry signal and one to do the wet (effects added) signal, alternatively it can also be configured for true stereo for panning delays, choruses and sweeps. Similar to the Rocker 15, the 32 model also features a valve powered effects loop.


Both models in the Rocker line have 2 channels, Natural and Dirty. The natural channel is designed to let the true tone and character of the guitar and pedals come through and omits any EQ control, instead opting for just one knob (volume). The Dirty channel, on the other hand, will feel more familiar with a 3 band EQ control and delivers the classic Orange grit.

The Orange Rocker 15 and Rocker 32 are available to order from us either online or in our music superstore near Poole in Dorset. If you order online you will be treated to next day UK delivery. Price wise, the Rocker 15 is currently at £599 and is available in either black or orange and the Rocker 32 is currently at £829 and is also available in black or orange.